Public talk: Eco-swaraj: Pluriversal pathways out of global crises

Ashish Kothari

3 July 2023, 6-8pm, Kassel, Campus Centre Hörsaal 3

The world faces multiple intersecting crises, including biodiversity loss and climate change, socio-economic inequities, conflicts, and authoritarianism. The necessity to find solutions is urgent. But it is also clear that these do not lie within the same paradigms that have created them, including in the currently dominant model of economic development, or in the structures of patriarchy, statism, capitalism, racism, colonialism and anthropocentrism that underlie it.

Are there practices, concepts and frameworks that are pathways to a sustainable and equitable future? If yes, what needs to be done to make the transition towards such a future?

This presentation will look at a Pluriverse (  of such alternatives. These include practical, grassroots initiatives at meeting basic needs, and achieving alternative modes of governance, production, distribution, and consumption, springing up in many parts of the world. They also include concepts and worldviews that are based on respect for other people and the rest of nature, solidarity, collective spirit and action, rights and responsibilities, autonomy and freedom, and other such values that are a direct contrast to the individualistic, selfish, commodified mindset of today’s dominant system.

A framework of radical transformation emerging in India called Eco-swaraj, or Radical Ecological Democracy, will be presented in detail. Other similar radical approaches from around the world will be described in brief, and the commonalities within this pluriverse brought out.

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